Joell Jones painting statementI work from the inner world and practice a form of automatism, where I dive into unconscious realms to liberate core energy. Painted lines isolate energy patterns that morph into symbols that I explore for a time in a series. Forms take on metaphorical importance as they intertwine with my life path.

I am interested in the bond between life experience and art, and in how life events can become catalysts that awaken the inner voice. My artwork brings hidden experience into daylight by giving it form and visibility. It brings the felt sense into consciousness where it can be pondered.

Recent Series Development

Story of Self

The Story of Self  book chronicles the twists and turns of life through the six series of paintings preceding the Pebble Series. An external catalyst caused a shift in the work that became a journey to preserve the Self.  READ MORE

Pebble Series

Towards the end of Authentic Line & Pentagon, I felt a sense of completion and then opened to something new. I remembered an image that kept popping into my work, uninvited, starting with Standing Stones (five series back). A floating pod shape. An opening into another realm.

I decided to invite it in… in order to learn from it. I called it Pebble.

The Pebble Series began with a quest, but posed a dilemma, ie, how to conjure it up when I felt no control over it? How to capture the spirit of an image, not just copy it… for it had volition—a will of its own.

The line work was directed upward as if summoning the shape, which appeared only after the effort of the lines. The velocity of the energy created the pebble that rose above the lines, exposing another realm.

Core Series

In Core, I dropped the lines altogether to focus exclusively on the symbol. First came the layer of horizontal lines. Then the opening was found and I created it with a second layer of paint, an overlay, which held the portal.

As the series evolved, the shape of the image shifted from oval to round, always holding the space, a visible horizon within. It created a kind of gateway or threshold. The horizon carried the promise of something more.

Boundary Series

Boundary Series is a continuation of Core imagery with another layer added. An extra level of exploration. A shift from looking into the opening to how the opening interacts with another dimension. The concept of boundaries is introduced.

The process involved the use of various marking styles that explore different degrees of boundaries. The mark making became increasingly violent. I gave myself permission to attack the surface—even though it felt weird, as if stabbing the canvas. I was able to push past. Then the series ended.

Authentic Line and Pentagon Series

The flowers of the previous series are replaced by the authentic line, a direct contact with the present moment. The stone floats free, and once liberated becomes a pentagon. Sacred geometry. Holding the space with a spell. An opening. A portal. A space that holds all the possibilities.