Joell Jones painting statementI work from the inner world and practice a form of automatism, where I dive into unconscious realms to liberate core energy. Painted lines isolate energy patterns that morph into symbols that I explore for a time in a series. Forms take on metaphorical importance as they intertwine with my life path.

I am interested in the bond between life experience and art, and in how life events can become catalysts that awaken the inner voice. My artwork brings hidden experience into daylight by giving it form and visibility. It brings the felt sense into consciousness where it can be pondered.

Recent Series Development

Pool Life, Surge & Super Surge: Starting with this work I felt a shift in the work. My pattern of symbol worship is dissolving into pure abstraction. Gestural and cosmic. The imagery has a more direct connection to my own root energy that is the source of liveliness. Kinetic energy becomes visible with painting through the use of my body’s motion. The result is a rough, calligraphic quality of cave paintings or ancient languages. These energy “surges” are recording internal movements as dictations from the inner life. I am consciously tapping source energy and then riding it out onto the canvas through hand and brush and sound: source to mark. I use my body as a conduit. The dialog between myself and the inner world becomes the dialog between myself and the painting. I use color intuitively as I explore each new internal message and its external expression.

Flare: The work began to change in response to an external trigger. Marks became more personal. A flare of solid light with surges flying out… grounding in a leafy cradle form. It was reminiscent of an early energy source symbol. During the course of the series, the flare morphs into a monolith with surges emanating outward. This image in turn triggered a deep consciousness memory of standing stones I visited in Scotland.

Standing Stones: I began painting groups of Standing Stones from memory. Colorful landscapes with swirling skies. A spiritual symbol of endurance. Grounded energy. Sacred energy. By the end of this series I was using photo references… a slide toward realism.

Gather / Protect: Now came an abrupt shift away from realism. The series starts with an old symbol. The inner cluster is a symbol of self. Contained; balanced. The outer barrier is a ring of protection. Gather and contain the energy. As the series progresses, the center goes through changes: an open space and then scenes with standing stones.

Stone: I became obsessed with one particular stone from the Isle of Lewis. The single stone is a symbol of self. It has been freed from the protective barrier and is grounded in landscape. Later it is honored with flowers, and this ritual allows the stone to lighten and lift.

Authentic Line and Pentagon: The flowers of the previous series are replaced by the authentic line, a direct contact with the present moment. The stone floats free, and once liberated becomes a pentagon. Sacred geometry. Holding the space with a spell. An opening. A portal. A space that holds all the possibilities.